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Duplicity  by  Ian Woodhead

Duplicity by Ian Woodhead
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Old lady fate hadn’t treated Henry Collins too badly. He wasn’t in bad shape for a bloke pushing forty. His loving wife still turned other men’s heads and at least, unlike others on his street, he still had a job.Admittedly, his Bernadette treated him like a child most of the time. Playing tricks and taunting Henry, was his fellow employee’s two favourite games and even the local kids were seeing him as an easy target. Still, it could be worse. Henry had always taken the rough with the smooth, not much could rustle this man’s feathers.All that changed when old lady fate dropped in on the man and violently snatched away everything he thought he knew and thrust him into a world of deceit, mindless violence and slaughter.Henry Collins and his wife had died six months ago whilst lost in a maze of caverns deep below the earth.

An unknown species of shape-changing humanoids had tore into this unexpected feast until only their shattered bones and torn clothing remaining.Where are all these urges and desires coming from? Why does Henry want to Kill and eat those that upset him? He can’t understand why perfect strangers are mistaking him for somebody else.They reached the bodies before the rest of their tribe.

They were the weak ones, the runts. The pair escaped and took over the lives of Henry and Bernadette, unaware of their true origins.The remaining tribe have at last found the runaways. They’re in town to eat and to breed.

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